Just as the news came out that the City of Killeen was on track towards a record year in terms of homicides, neighboring Harker Heights Police are investigating what's being described as a "double homicide" at a home.

According to our news partners at News 10, police officers discovered the bodies of a man and a woman late Wednesday night in a home at Red Fern Drive and Halona Drive in Harker Heights. Both victims were shot to death according to police.

Harker Heights Police report that officers were sent to the home and made the shocking discovery after someone flagged down a Copperas Cove police officer and informed them that the house needed to be checked.

Heights police found the bodies at around 11:30 PM after forcing their way into the home because it was locked. A suspect is in custody at the time of this article but no further details, including the identity of the victims, have been made available.

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