Welcome into to your weekly update of the Dallas Cowboys and their most recent appearance on the HBO show Hard Knocks.

We’ve made it through four weeks of training so far, and this is the final week before the regular season kicks off. Now we look at what went down in this week’s final episode of this season of Hard Knocks with the Dallas Cowboys.

Zeke's Leadership

One things that has been sticking out to me during these episodes is the demeanor of Ezekiel Elliot.

We've all seen his off-field antics and have had to watch him on the sideline plagued by injury. I was curious how his mindset would be coming into this, and surprisingly enough, he has stepped up and shown some leadership for the younger players.

Washington Redskins v Dallas Cowboys
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Jerry’s Glory Days

There's no chance of ever watching anything involving the Cowboys without getting plenty from Jerry Jones.

It seems hard knocks used this episode to highlight Jones a bit and how he's feeling about the Big D. It shows him reflecting on his glory days when the Cowboys ruled the 90’s. It kind of portrays and older gentleman looking for his last bit of glory knowing he's on the final stretch.

Philadelphia Eagles v Dallas Cowboys
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Making the Cut


The main reason for training camp is to evaluate the team to establish the best 53 players that can give you a chance to win the season. This year's coverage highlighted several players, including JaQuan Hardy, Azur Kamara, Isaac Alarcon, and Ben Dinucci. They are on the bubble to make the team, and their progress has been followed throughout.

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Cut Day


The time came to cut it down to 53, and some wouldn’t make the team. This included Dinucci, Hardy, and international player Alarcon.

Kamara was the feel good story on this one, he got the call from Mike McCarthy that he made the team. After an emotional call to his mother, the realization set in that it was time to get to work.

Dallas Cowboys v Washington Football Team
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Now What…


Well, now its football season! The regular season gets kicked off tonight between the Super Bowl Champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Dallas Cowboys. The Thursday night matchup will show just how prepared Dallas is for the season. You can join the watch party for every Cowboys Game this year with AZ and US105 at TGI Friday's in Killeen.

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