Today is Sade's 59th birthday and of course she's more loved than ever before despite her reclusive lifestyle. When Sade decides its time for to come along and drop a new album the entire world pauses and enjoys what she delivers because, to be quite honest, we never know when we're going to get another chance to enjoy her music, and THAT'S why we love her!

Her catalog is incredible but I'll share with you my Top 5 jams from Sade in honor of her birthday today!

  • 1

    "By Your Side"

    In 2000 Sade released one of my favorite albums "Lovers Rock" and "By Your Side" was her lead single. If you're having a bad day, throw this on and grab your loved close to remind you that you're still loved in a world that's against you.

  • 2

    "Cherish The Day"

    It gets no sexier than this baby. From the opening guitar riff, you know that this Sade at her supreme sexiness. From the 1992 "Love Deluxe" album "Cherish The Day" is even better with its extended ending on the album version.

  • 3

    "Kiss Of Life"

    Okay, so I lied, it indeed does get SEXIER! Also, from the 1992 "Love Deluxe" album, "Kiss Of Life" delivers a mid-tempo vibe that you can dance to, but Sade vocals remind you that this is still a "grown and sexy" vibe.

  • 4

    "Lovers Rock"

    This wasn't released as a single but the title track from Sade's "Lovers Rock" is so smooth with a reggae vibe, something you definitely ride with your girl to!

  • 5

    "No Ordinary Love"

    The last choice was a tough one with so many choices to choose from, "No Ordinary Love" won out. The layered guitar riffs over her amazing vocals make you feel all sexy inside.

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