Walking to the mailbox and opening up your mail only to see that you got a "ticket" from one of Killeen's red light cameras was a frustrating and upsetting experience for many residents and it led to a VERY fast backlash from citizens who demanded their removal. Apparently, the city listened.

According to a report from the Killeen Daily Herald, the City of Killeen removed all seven of its red-light cameras on Tuesday after the city council cancelled the program in April. The cameras remained up but were deactivated just a few days after the city council's vote to not renew its contract with the company.

While the cameras did provide the city with extra revenue and brought down accidents, the main point of contention among residents was that many received tickets while someone else was driving their vehicle meaning the vehicle owner was stuck with the fine while the person who was ACTUALLY driving would not be held accountable.

Drive safely Central Texas!

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