There's something I've noticed since moving to Killeen, Texas. Drivers on good old 190/I-14 are not only aggressive, but for some reason, I've noticed, many feel the need to use the left lane like it's a shoulder and cruise. Why? It's illegal in the state if Texas. I need an explanation.

I'm Going To Blow a Gasket

Ok, I feel like I need to vent for a second. I have been in Texas less than a year. I believe I am a very good driver. No tickets, or points on my record. I am considerate, yet can get my point across without feeling like I need to hop in your back seat lol! Even though I may be going faster than the Toyota in the right lane, it doesn't mean I'm not going to get over when the GMC wants to pass me. I get over. Do you?

Life Is A Highway

I was so excited to find out that driving 75-80 mph on the highway is legal here. Obviously not on every road, but having the ability to get around those that like a more scenic drive is really nice. Until you end up behind someone on 190/I-14 who doesn't want to get over. Can I just ask, why? Why do you slow down traffic, forcing other drivers to have to pass you on the right? You know you can get fined right?

In the state of Texas, "impeding the flow of traffic in the left lane is punishable by a fine of up to $200." In other words, its against the law people. So, why aren't you moving over when other driver get behind you? The left lane is to pass only. If you are having the time of your life, just riding down the highway in the left lane and a driver gets behind you being aggressive, or they just need to pass you. Hey, just move over for them and carryon.

Do's and Don'ts To Avoid Aggressive Drivers On The Highway

DO: Stay calm. Plan ahead. Prepare and allow time for traffic delays and back-ups. Be aware, considerate and careful. Allow space between you and the driver in front of you. Pay attention to and go the posted speed limit. They can be different on your map app or your vehicle's GPS. Slow down for emergency vehicles and parked cars on the side of the road. If you cannot safely move over, slow down to 20 mph (you can get a fine for this too). Take breaks on long trips. Share the road.  Be mindful of weather conditions, congestion, and construction. Stay right. Pass left.

DONT: Use your horn for no reason. Provoke another driver to react to you being foolish. Look at the other driver while passing, being passed. (I know that ones hard to do lol!)  Don’t ride someone's tailgate or flash your headlights. Yell or make inappropriate hand gestures. Drive while tired or drowsy, or after drinking or taking medication.

Everyday I encounter several drivers that want to stay in the left lane. They will not tinker-tinker to get over and let others pass. Please explain. Do you feel comfortable in the left lane? Is it pride? Are you being petty? For what? What are you mad about? Just get over. Not only can you cause an accident, but your insurance company will hold you the driver responsible, if found out you had to be passed on the right.

The Truck Is Going To Win

Large trucks and semi's move fast down the highway too. No matter what you drive, a large truck or semi will typically always win. So don’t cut in front of a truck. Don’t follow too close trucks behind trucks either. Some carry up to 80,000 pounds and it takes longer for them to stop. If you can’t see the driver in the trucks side mirror, they can’t see you. Some drivers will still flash you when it’s clear to get back in front of them.

Closing Remarks

Moral of the story. Follow the rules of the road. Mainly, stop riding in the left lane when other drivers are trying to get by you the right way. Other drivers will call you in and if you get caught, that's up to $200 every time. Once it is clear and safe for you to move over to the middle or right lane, you are no longer supposed to be in that left lane anyways. So please, for the sake of all of us on I-14 trying to just pass you on the left with no problems, just move over. You can check out more tips here.

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