It's a known fact that Frankie Beverly and Maze's classic hit "Before I Let Go" is one of our "national anthems" that has remained a party starter for close to 40 years. Many artists have tried to cover it but the original still remains the standard.

That's why a lot of fans of Maze are feeling some kind of way about Beyonce's cover of the classic hit which appears on her latest album "Homecoming". Some don't like it and thinks it blasphemy, others enjoy Beyonce's twist on it, but how does the man who wrote the song feel about it?

"...this is one of the high points of my life." - Frankie Beverly via Billboard 

In a recent interview with Billboard, the legendary Maze front man says that since Beyonce's cover was released he feels "bigger than ever" and calls it "a blessing".

Other people have done my songs, but the way she did this was in a class of its own. - Frankie Beverly via Billboard

Frankie went on to talk about how he met Beyonce after her mother brought her to one of their shows at Rodeo Houston a few years back and how the two have worked together in the past. He even explains the meaning behind "Before I Let Go" (did you know that its supposed to be a SAD song about a bad break-up that just turned out to be an "uptempo" jam?).

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