Take me out to the d'aww game! It's been a long week, and it's not over yet. We could all use a reminder to smile, and this is yours.

Michael Rodriguez at UT Austin filmed a family of gray foxes exploring empty seats at UFCU Disch–Falk Field. The footage was shared by the Central TX Urban Wildlife - Texas Parks and Wildlife Facebook page with this informative caption:

What an awesome wildlife sighting at University of Texas' UFCU Disch-Falk Field this week! Gray foxes are native to Texas and are apparently a bit more inclined to wander in the park since the pandemic has reduced most human activity there. They'll most certainly be relieving the ballpark of rodents and insects, and will be a welcome sign of life for the staff who ensure the building's security.

I usually stick around after games to find leftover hot dogs and dropped nachos, so I can totally relate.

According to the folks at Texas-Wildlife.org, gray foxes are the most common fox in Texas and are found across the Lone Star State. Interestingly enough, they often make their nests in trees because they're one of only two canine species that can climb trees. (The other is the Japanese raccoon dog, which every Super Mario Bros 3 fan knows is also called the tanuki.)

Those climbing skills probably came in handy when they hopped the fence to help themselves to some tasty bugs and rodents. I can't imagine the staff at UFCU Disch–Falk Field were too upset about it. Any help keeping the pest population down is probably welcome.

By the way, if you've been waiting on Major League Baseball to make up their minds about a season, it looks like they have. They recently announced a 60-game season to begin in July, but we'll see if it actually happens.

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