Killeen residents are up in arms after a video of former Killeen City Council candidate Melissa Brown being arrested at a recent council budget workshop began circulating on Facebook.

The incident happened Tuesday night and Brown was recording video of the incident and posted it to her Facebook page. The video was provided to the Killeen Daily Herald.

Unlike city council meetings where residents are given 3 minutes to address the council during public hearing items, workshops have no formal public hearings and residents are only allowed to address the council if members reach a consensus to give 3 minutes to the speaker according to the council's Governing Standards and Procedures.

Killeen Mayor Jose Segarra was accused of not following protocol for the removal and arrest of Brown but KCEN News 6 did some research and compared the video of Brown arrest to that of the city council's video and found that Segarra did follow protocol.

Brown was arrested and charged with disruption of a meeting or procession and was released Wednesday morning after being assigned $2,000 bail.

Whose side of the story do you believe: Brown or the city council?

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