Imagine busting your hump constantly to make a few bucks. Well, if you're like most people, that's not too hard to imagine. Most of us work incredibly hard at our jobs.

Servers are certainly no exception- they walk thousands of steps carrying heavy plates and trays, fill drinks, pre-bus tables, assemble salads and deserts, and more- all while smiling and being friendly. It's the only way they'll make any tips, and tips are the only way they make any money. Their hourly, usually a measly $2.13 per hour, almost always goes entirely to paying taxes.

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Now imagine doing all that, and then a new manager comes in and fires your entire staff. That's what happened at a Texas restaurant called San Angelo Craving Crab. Besides leaving an entire eatery devoid of any front-of-house employees, this new manager also made another huge mistake- they didn't get nor change the restaurant's Facebook password. And, almost predictably, the servers did have the password.

Here's the text just in case this restaurant finally figures out their password and takes the message down:

attention craving crab customers , due to us losing our last manager the owners brought in someone from oklahoma to run the store and her firing all the servers it will just be her she doesnt know what she is doing and barely speaks any english and has already got into arguments with the servers ending in firing all of us . so after today no one will be in to work shifts . aplogize for the inconvenience your fellow servers at craving crab ❤ we enjoyed all the regulars and nice peopl for coming in and enjoying the food and service but i hope everyone has a merry christmas and happy new year .

That's actually quite classy considering the circumstances. I'm not sure I'd be quite so kind if I lost my job right before Christmas and had a near-anonymous platform at my disposal. This, to me at least, just reads like a warning to regular customers that they will have a very different experience than what they would have had previously.

Of course, there are some folks in the comments that see things differently- that perhaps the manager had a reason to fire the entire staff.  We can't really know that, but I think we can all see that it was an unwise move to do so before hiring any new people, and before obtaining and changing the social media password.

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