Looking for a Texas road trip that offers something a bit out of the ordinary? Are you fascinated by tales and ponderings regarding the supernatural? Welp. We found just the thing for you.

For just $149 per person, you can can join this brave group as they engage in an all-night investigation of what many consider to be one of the most haunted inns in Texas--The Victoria Black Swan Inn in San Antonio.

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Hosted by Haunted Rooms America, you and other courageous souls will spend the overnight hours delving into the compelling history of this 150-year-old inn.

Over the years, guests of this inn have reported being attacked by things unseen--is this contact with the supernatural? Or were they just feeling heightened anxiety due to the legends surrounding this place?

The reports of paranormal activity connected with this place have drawn many visitors over the years. Guests have also reported hearing voices, seeing apparitions in the darkness, and more.

Would you stay in this room? Photo courtesy of Haunted Rooms America
Would you stay in this room? Photo courtesy of Haunted Rooms America

Nestled on the bank of the Salado Creek, the history of the Victoria Black Swan Inn is quite disturbing. You'll learn quite a bit about the stories, which sadly includes much tragedy.

It was here that the Battle of Salado was fought, between the Texas army and the Mexican militia. Many soldiers died here. There is also some evidence that indicates this inn may have been built on an old Native American burial ground. Oh my.

If you go, you'll also learn some of the most basic techniques the paranormal teams use in their investigations. There will be a psychic medium present and there are pre-planned vigils in the schedule.

Ready to buy your tickets for the September 25-26th event? Do that here. The event includes dinner and you'll be sleeping at a campsite under the stars and surrounded by woods. Is that less or more scary than sleeping inside?

And uh, let us know how it went upon your return. You're a brave soul, aren't you?


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