We want to send out Congratulations to Texas' own R&B legend Erykah Badu who will be receiving a well deserved honor next month in her hometown.

The Dallas Observer Music Awards will be presenting the 4-time Grammy winner with their Lifetime Achievement Award at their ceremony on Tuesday December 10th at Canton Hall.

It's a pretty clear and obvious choice considering the many albums, hits, awards and global notoriety as one of R&B's best musicians but the reason they are giving her this award is due to her important contributions to the Dallas community as a whole according to The Dallas Observer:

But Badu hasn't merely written a name for herself in the music industry stratosphere; she also continues her own tradition of unwavering commitment to her community — not only through motivational visits and occasional appearances around her city's venues, but by continuing to employ the city's best and harnessing new talent. - The Dallas Observer

Congrats again Erykah! Plus it gives me an excuse to post this photo:

Melz & Erykah Badu!

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