I always say that there are so many talented R&B and hip-hop artists in Killeen, Texas that need to be heard. I feel like a lot of times my home town gets a bad rep,  but being from here now am I extremely proud I’ve witnessed some of the most talented people come straight out of my city. Let’s not forget about the hometown hero Rose Short and also the extremely talented Jershika Maples. These ladies went to Hollywood and truly represented Killeen the right way in my opinion.

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The 2022 Endeavor and Soul Arts Collective two-day Music Fest sponsored by Afnhhe is on its way. On December 10 from 6 PM to 11 PM, you going to be able to hear amazing reggae from the Culture Effect Band, some down-home blues with TJ Bell's Band Of Gypsys,  a little bit of gospel and R&B from Maybelle's and Michelle Marie, and smooth jazz with Jeff Aycock Band.

I love that my city is coming together and allowing the community to express itself through the art of music. Please make sure to come out, show love, and most importantly, enjoy yourself. It's going to be a real vibe in the city.

A portion of the proceeds will go to the 2023 Soul Arts Collective Summer Arts Youth program. This is what it’s all about in Central Texas - coming together as a community and enjoying one another and I am super excited excited to see these performances!

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