The "OMG" moments are aplenty in Empire episode two. So let's begin. Before focusing on all the drama, the music takes center stage. An endless flow of beats, rhymes and "low-budget" production -- which refers to the work environment and equipment available to a portion of the characters -- introduces a slew of new tracks. In fact, it sounds like Danny Strong and Lee Daniels decided to introduce half of Empire's season 2 soundtrack this week.

Jamal debuts a few new songs including "Born to Love You," Tiana and V aka Veronica entertain viewers with new singles of their own and Lucious Lyon lovers finally get the chance to hear the king spit a few live bars instead of settling for tracks recorded back in the day and played during flashbacks.

Aside from the fact this season's latest episode is driven by sonic boom, the Lyon family continue to battle over the rightful heir to Pride Rock -- you should all know your Lion King references these days. Now that Lucious has taken back his Empire, Hakeem, Andre and Cookie are left out on the street looking for a way to stay in the business. But since it's Cookie we're talking about, what does she do? Tell the family it's time to start their own business.

After 17 years, Cookie wants her boys to know "it's my time to shine." But the apple doesn't fall far from the tree because Hakeem was thinking the exact same thing. He wants to be a mogul. So, with the help of Andre, the two try to make their new dream come true at none other than Ghetto Ass Studios.

Looking to be a mogul like Puffy and Jay-Z, Keem decides it's time for his family's newest, no-name company to sign an all-girl trio. Unfortunately, that dream doesn't fare well, but he does get a chick who auditioned for his Rainbow Sensation -- what would have been the girl group name -- naked in a hot tub. Hakeem clearly has a thing for hot tubs. If you remember correctly, that's where he spent a lot of time with Camila (Naomi Campbell) in the first season.

Between the young pop singer looking for a way into Empire by any means necessary and Cookie's thoughts about Anika, last night's episode brings up the very interesting idea surrounding a topic that rhymes with industry butts. But hey, some girls will do anything for a come up.

Meanwhile, as Lucious continues to sit in federal lock up, Christopher "Ludacris" Bridges makes his Empire debut as an officer working with the prosecution to make Mr. Lyon's life miserable. Hoping the result will lead to a guilty confession, they clearly forgot a forced admission of guilt is considered coercion pretty much everywhere. As Luda's character tells Lucious he gives black men a bad name and thinks "the world would be better off without [him]," the music mogul finds himself less one authorization form needed to allow distribution of his medication. Remember, just because he found out he doesn't have ALS doesn't mean he's not sick.

Now, fast-forward a few scenes and Lucious finds himself a new lawyer (dressed in a "discount suit") who knows all of the prosecution's dirty little secrets. Thus, after requesting a new bail hearing, Lucious finds himself a free man. But not before his two-dollar lawyer, Thirsty, shares some racy and provocative photos of the judge as new evidence. Seemingly, all charges are dropped. Looks like Cookie and Hakeem are in for a rude awakening, but that's a storyline for next week.

Before wrapping up what began as another slow-moving episode, we can't forget the full list of new celebrity appearances. British-bred journalist Sharon Carpenter plays herself as reporter for a show called Spilling the Tea while Kelly Rowland makes her Empire debut during a flashback Andre has while visiting his father and asking for forgiveness. Unfortunately, the flashback doesn't share the extent of Kelly's character in episodes to come. Which leaves us with the last point. Andre wants back into the Empire. He admits he made a mistake and asks Lucious for forgiveness. Wonder how that played out?

"I'm praying that you forget me, pop," says an emotional Andre.

"Are you still going to church? Are you still praying to God?" Lucious replies.

"Yes, sir," Andre says confidently.

"Well, I hope you pray to God that he forgives you 'cause I don't," Lucious says like the devil he is.

To take a look at what went down, watch the entire episode here.

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