Are you an Empire aficionado? Do you eat, sleep and dream about songs like "Drip Drop" or which outfit Cookie will show up in next? Well, put your knowledge up to the test and see how much you really know by watching ScreenCrush's original series, "You Think You Know TV?"

For their 11th episode, the ScreenCrush team dove in head first into Empire and unearths tidbits of information that we may not have previously known. For one, who would have thought that Wesley Snipes and Mo'Nique were almost set to star on the show instead of Terrance Howard and Taraji P. Henson? Throughout the debut season, Howard and Henson effortlessly ousted all doubts and helped propel Empire to the top because of their stellar performances. Their pseudo relationship, along with the crazy family drama, were clearly the highlights of the show.

Even though Empire was based out of New York City, creator Lee Daniels fought hard to have the show based out of Philadelphia. He credited his personal experiences in Philly as the reasons for why he was so eager to film in the City of Brotherly Love. Despite Daniels centering the show around modern day music, the highly touted director admitted that he was too musically inept to help map out the foundation for the soundtrack. Rather than succumbing to his shortcomings, he smartened up and locked in marquee producer Timbaland to help instill that musical fervor that he was seeking. Thanks to his children's advice, Daniels made a sound decision in letting Timbo lead the way, earning the show a No. 1 album with their soundtrack.

Do yourself a favor and quiz yourself by watching the clip to see how much you truly ride out for Empire.

Season Four is right around the corner and arrives Sept. 27, so make sure you get your popcorn ready.

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