Recently El Paso has made a few appearances on Netflix shows. El Paso was featured in the latest season (Season 4) on I Am A Killer. Now it was revealed that an El Paso singer was featured on the show La Firma, a reality competition show all about finding the best Latin artist. Her name is Eydrey.

via Netflix
via Netflix

Who is Eydrey?

Eydrey is a Spanish singing pop artist hailing from El Paso. She recently did some recording at Beacon Hill Studios, including her EP called Color Dolor. You can hear some of her songs down below.

When did Eydrey join the show?

It was revealed on her personal TikTok account on March 25th that she revealed that was she going to appear on the show, giving a trailer of what the show is about & also her appearing on the show. And of course you can see her excitement (Which I would too if I was going to appear on national tv!)


What episodes can I see Eydrey appear on La Firma?

She actually appeared on the season premiere, where she would give many amazing performances.

Via Netflix
Via Netflix

She would last all the way until Episode 5, where she was unfortunately eliminated from the competition. But that would be just the start of something awesome, as she would be featured on FitFam's Instagram page.

The reception was met with an enormous amount of people cheering her on, saying they were proud of her appearing on the show & representing El Paso.

Despite not winning, Eydrey was extremely grateful for her appearing on the show & even more so to the amount of people who supported her as well. Eydrey did a wonderful job representing El Paso & we hope more success (and TV appearances) for the local singer.

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