Check out the pit bull who is becoming famous for hijacking a police crusier...

A stray dog found some tasty beef jerky in the front seat of a Kilgore, Texas police car and decided he would stay a while. A police officer tried to get the dog to climb into the back seat and into a caged area of the squad car, but the dog decided he wasn't going to be going to jail that day and would stay in the front seat instead. Take a look at what Kilgore Police Chief Todd Hunter wrote on the department's Facebook wall:

The time came for the dog to be taken out of the squad car and that's when the animal became so aggressive the officer just shut the door and let the pit bull sit inside the squad car. That's when the chief heard about the "hijacking" over the radio. The officer at the scene also posted a photo of the dog taking over the squad car and his Chief commented that the pit bull didn't look at all happy.

Animal Control officers safely removed the dog from the police car and took him to Longview Animal Care. The officers commented they knew the animal was just not a vicious dog. He might have just been hangry for more beef jerky. Who isnt?

UPDATE: The Longview Animal Care and Adoption Center was able to locate the hijacker's family and get him home safe. They also dressed him in a taco outfit for pictures because why not.

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