Last night on TVOne, UnSung: The Story Of SWV made its premiere and earlier in the day before its premiere I talked to one of the founding members of SWV LeLee Lyons about the show. The thing is she didn't see it yet, but I did and she was quite nervous about it.

Let me explain. TVOne was kind enough to send over an advanced screening of the show so when I interview LeLee, I can know what's going on. Having watched the episode, I was really entertained learning about the history of one of my favorite all time R&B groups. But LeLee was very nervous about watching the show because she has bad memories of their "reality show" from a few years back and how the show's producers made them look.

But I assured her that show was well done, and last night on Twitter after its premiere I followed up with her and above you see her reply. If you missed what she had to say, here it is, also Nica calls in with jokes about Keith Sweat and "The Sweat Hotel" and who she jams with every afternoon!

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