We asked recently asked "What name do you remember the club located at 4505 E. Veterans Memorial Blvd. in Killeen having" and from the hundreds of comments we've received on our Facebook pages and on our websites, yall have great (and no so great) memories of this location.

Despite all the fires and name changes, one thing is for sure, Central Texans know this place well and a lot of you shared some great memories! Here's the top names and memories based off your Facebook comments that you remember about this club.

National Hall

A lot of you who've been here since the 70's remember this location as "National Hall" which saw lots of concerts back in the day!

National Hall
National Hall

Motown USA

If You got here in the 90's, you remember it as Motown USA, where apparently you can find your "husband" if he went missing for a few hours...

Motown USA


Also another name that a lot of you remember from the 90s was Mister DJ's or simply "DJ's" from a lot of your comments.

Mister DJ's


One of the names I personally remember is Club Fusion,and it just so happened that a lot of memories good and bad went down there as these ladies will tell you!



Junction 45 was wild back in the day, I should know because I was in there personally on the night Kevin talks about and below you'll find video evidence of its wildness, some of you maybe in this video I shot from 2010 from my online entertainment series "The Hot Box 254".

Junction 45

Billy Jack's

Billy Jack's was once the name of this location as well, where some of your favorite country stars performed at as well!

Billy Jack's

Other Names:

We've seen a lot of names like Sugars Live, The Huntsman, Club Cherry, Country Rock and many more we've long forgotten!

Other Names

We want to say thanks for sharing your memories with us and if you can remember anymore, please feel free to share with us here on our website and on our Facebook page!