Another Halloween has come and gone. As I told you before, I'm not a "Halloween" guy because I'm never clever enough to think of an awesome costume but last night I was reminded of the best part of being an adult at Halloween: Candy Inspector General

As a kid, your parents would guilt you into surrendering your hard earned haul to them with tales of needles and drugs in candy bars (and rightfully so) only to wake up the next morning to a few of your most treasured pieces of candy you walked 100 blocks for has disappeared. You couldn't get mad really at the time, but guess what you get to do now?

Yes, we must uphold the tradition that our folks created, we must INSPECT the candy for dangerous substances and the fee for this rather tedious inspection: Our selection of the finest treasures you've acquired young person. You'll learn soon enough that life as an adult will treat you the same way.

So adults, enjoy eating the fruits of your child's hard work, you deserve it....seriously.

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