The news out of Austin came hard and fast that the best comedian on planet Earth right now Dave Chappelle would be pulling into Austin for 3 nights at the Paramount Theater.

Tickets went on sale online at 10:00 AM yesterday and since Dave is on my comedy "bucket list" I decided that this would be my best chance to get my hands on some tickets to see him live. Since the only way to buy tickets was online, I parked myself in front of the computer and waited impatiently for the tickets to go on sale.

I should have found something else to do with my time.

When I went to the website, there was already a "virtual line" for folks to wait for their turn to buy tickets. This "virtual line" places you in line at random as a way to keep scalpers and third party sites from buying up all the tickets to resale at a higher price. So when I got in "line", the site said there were "SEVENTEEN THOUSAND and FOUR people" ahead of me.

My "turn" was slated to come at 1:40 PM but all three shows were sold out by 11:40 AM, that's roughly 90 minutes after they went on sale. But hey, this what can you expect when the most popular comedian in the world comes to your area. I'll just watch his Netflix specials again.

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