I hope Harker Heights, Texas is ready for some delicious cookies and milk, because Crumbl Cookis will soon be calling the city home. Before you dismiss it as just another cookie place, I should tell you that it's the sort of place my family and I have happily driven out of town to Waco and even Round Rock to enjoy, and I'm so glad the warm, gooey goodness is setting up shop here in Central Texas.


Crumbl Cookie will be located in the shopping center in Harker Heights at 201 E. Central Texas Expressway. I passed by it today and decided to see how the shop was coming along. It looks like they're very close to opening, and they should be ready to go this spring.

Photo by Piggie Harris, Townsquare Media
Photo by Piggie Harris, Townsquare Media
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There are so many delicious cookies to choose from at Crumbl Cookie, but if haven't had the pleasure of trying this amazing establishment, I would suggest you start with something simple yet still packed with flavor.

The cornbread cookie or the German chocolate cake cookie would need to be your go-to. The moment these two awesome cookies touch your tongue, you are going to fall into a tasty trance.


Star Tribune via Getty Images
Star Tribune via Getty Images



I'm not exaggerating when I say Crumbl Cookies has some of the best cookies and soft serve I've ever had. That's right - you can get ice cream there too. I'm fond of the peanut butter brittle and raspberry cheesecake ice cream myself, but you're sure to find something there that will pair perfectly with your cookie.

Business is booming in Central Texas, so we all deserve a treat.

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