We are fully reliant on our smartphones nowadays. What used to be just an optional part of our lives has now totally taken over our lives. But could you do without your smartphone for one whole year? Better yet, what if someone offered you $100,000 to go without it?

Drink company Vitaminwater wants to know if you can do it and they are having a contest with a grand prize of $100,000 if you can go 365 continuous days without using a smartphone or tablet. Just to make sure you're telling the truth, you would have to submit to a lie detector test to prove that you didn't violate the rules. They are calling it the "Scroll Free For A Year" Contest.

The rules are quite simple: Go 365 days without using YOUR smartphone or iPad or anyone else's smartphone or iPad and pass the lie detector at the end and you'll get $100,000. But if temptation get the best of you and only last 6 months, you'll still get $10,000. But because they know how important it is for folks to get in contact with you they will hook you up with one of these bad boys:

Photo by Julia Conner
Photo by Julia Conner

They describe it as a "1996-era cellular phone" including a monthly phone plan to use your old school phone. You are allowed to use a desktop or laptop computer and voice activated devices that are NOT smartphones like "Google Home" and "Amazon Echo" during the 365 day period so you won't be totally ignorant of the world around you.

So if you think you can go without your smartphone for a year and are ready to enter, you have to go to Twitter or Instagram and say how you would use your year without a smartphone and use the hashtags #NoPhoneForAYear and #Contest by January 8th to entered.

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