Every one knows that "The Maestro" Barry White created some of the greatest songs to "get it on to", but one Florida cop decided to play DJ for a couple he'd just arrested and it forced his bosses to give him some time off to think about it.

According to The Smoking Gun, Officer Doug McNeal of the Fort Pierce Police Department arrested Zachary Moellendick and Krista Leigh for allegedly stealing jewelry and a baby toy from a Walmart. But when he put Zachary and Krista in the backseat of his police cruiser, they started hooking up.

Now for some reason, these two weren't completely secured in the back of the squad car. Officer McNeal initially handcuffed Krista behind her back, but later moved her handcuffs “from the rear to front to allow her to smoke a cigarette while standing outside the patrol car" while Zachary, who was on crutches at the time, wasn't handcuffed at all.

Police dash cam footage caught the couple getting it on in the backseat in route to the lockup while Barry White’s “Can’t Get Enough of Your Love, Babe” played on the car’s radio.

While Officer McNeal claims he didn't see anything going on, during questioning by an Internal Affairs detective, Krista said that the couple were indeed "sexually pleasuring each other with their hands.”

Officer McNeal was suspended without pay for 20 days after an internal affairs investigation due to his violation of multiple police policies while Krista and Zachary were convicted of theft.

It's just something about Barry White's timeless music that will have folks making love in some of the strangest places.

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