Killeen, Texas right now is truly excited about KISD, announcing a new campus leadership. I’d be lying if didn’t say, I felt like there were a lot of corrections that needed to be made in the Killeen Independent School, District from a parent's standpoint, especially when it came to changes that need to be made at certain schools. I remember writing an article when I first started here at My Kiss 1031 about Rancier Middle School and the complaints.

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A lot of parents, including myself had concerns about certain staff members not taking accountability and the safety of our children at this middle school. Well, there are new sheriffs in town. Dr. Nino Etienne was announced as the new principal of Chaparral High School. I’m familiar with this amazing gentleman because when my son attended Eastern Hills Middle School, he was the principal there, and from experience, you can tell that this gentleman is dedicated to making sure our young people strive. Jacqulyn  Bridges will be taking the place of Dr. Nino as principal of Eastern Hills School starting in July. Jacqueline Bridges started her career as a special education teacher in Hawaii before moving to the KISD district 10 years ago.


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There has been nothing but great things spoken about this woman, and on behalf of Central, Texas, we are excited for you. Dr. Cynetria McGriff will be the new principal of Manor middle school and has devoted herself to public education for 24 years, she believes student success, begins with strong systems and instructions derived from a grounded culture, and I could not agree with her more. Last, but not least, Dr. Janelle Muhammed will be, the official principal of Rancier Middle School. Muhammed might seem very familiar due to the fact that she had recently been assistant principal at Robert M Shoemaker and was assistant principal at Rancier in 2018.



Aaron Savage, Townsquare Media
Aaron Savage, Townsquare Media

I am truly excited to see the changes and progress this young lady will be putting into this middle school. Being a mother who has a child in the KISD School District, what’s important to me is that our children are not only heard but they are molded into phenomenal individuals and I believe these four All-Stars definitely have what it takes to make that possible! Congratulations on our new principal's announced for the 2023-2024 school year. We will see you in the Fall!


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