Steve gives sound advice to man owed a substantial amount of money.

The Republican members of The Jackpot Joint of Jerusalem are wondering if they could have a watch party at the church on Tuesday night.

The world lost two legends. RIP to the OG James Bond, Sir Sean Connery and to Gospel legend Bishop Rance Allen.

Tomorrow is Election Day! Fool #2 attended a star-studded Halloween party on Saturday.

It went down like 45's approval rating! A "Black @$$ Moment" that was all net involving Obama is in Sports Talk with Junior.

"I don't wish anything bad on you, but here is what should happen to you if you don't vote" is on the wheel for us in Comedy Roulette.

Did the iPhone Repairman break man code or Nah?

Today in Closing Remarks, Steve reminds us for the last time about who we have in  office and why tomorrow is important!



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