This weekend at The Twice As Funny Comedy Lounge in Killeen hilarious comedian and TV star Reginald Ballard will be performing Friday and Saturday night so get ready for a fun night!

While he's widely known for his scene-stealing appearances as "Bruh Man" on the sitcom "Martin" in the 90's, did you know that the "Bruh Man" character only appears in 12 episodes (TWELVE) despite the fact that Martin ran for 5 season with over 100 plus episodes! Talk about an impact!

Melz On The MIC talked to Reginald about his career which took him for Galveston, Texas to Hollywood, how he created the Bruh Man character, and his work on The Bernie Mac Show and how is it having worked with 2 comedy legends like Martin Lawrence and Bernie Mac.

Catch him this weekend at The Twice Funny Comedy Lounge and get your tickets now at 254-661-5561.

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