One eatery in Harker Heights has made it's triumphant return to feed the hungry citizens of both Harker Heights and Central Texas.

Cheddar's in Harker Heights was closed due to hailstorm damage sustained in April of this year, according to the Killeen Daily Herald. The Killeen Daily Herald also was unable to obtain any comments as to when the establishment was set to reopen its doors.

There was also initial confusion when the eatery closed, as for unknown reasons, online ordering was still available to customers. The eatery was closed during the online ordering trouble, and certain customers were refunded their money after it was discovering people were trying to pick up food from the closed resturant.

However, the announcement came in late August that the damage which made the building unsafe for patrons had been repaired. The opening date? September 12, 2022.

The Restaurants Reopening

The building reopened at 11 AM, and the eatery is now ready for hungry customers to dine in. Which is just wonderful for the city of Harker Heights, because let's be honest, who doesn't want more food options in Central Texas? Having the same type of food every day can get rather boring to say the least.

I, personally, have never eaten at Cheddar's. The one that was closest to me before, ironically closed before I had the chance to try the food. So this will definitely be the chance for me to try the food at the restaurant.

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