Many of us have become completely DEPENDENT on our mobile device. So much so that when things go wrong with them and our service has issues, we tend to LOSE OUR MIND.

I'm guilty of it too.

Yesterday (August 21st) I had one of those reactions as I left the studio and noticed that I couldn't make any phone calls or send any texts. My first reaction of course was, "Did I pay my bill?".

I took to Facebook and noticed that every one on my friends list who is a Verizon customer was sharing the same complaint.

According to the website "Is The Service Down", wireless service across Central Texas was knocked out for several hours beginning just after 6:00 PM and lasting nearly 2 hours for a few customers. Outages were being reported in Waco, Austin, Killeen, and Temple. The cause of the outages remains unknown.

My service came back up after about 90 minutes of frantic scrambling for wi-fi and trying to remember what my life was like before I had one of these devices.

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