Cedric the Entertainer has been an outspoken critic of police violence and how the black community should combat it.

TMZ caught up with the comedian and asked him about his thoughts on president-elect Donald Trump and the problematic issue of police brutality. The veteran funnyman has come to terms that in 2017 Donald Trump will be our nation’s president. He urged people not to boycott Trump but instead focus on the bigger issues facing your community.

As for police brutality, Cedric said that the “Thin Blue Line,” which often protects officers when they violate the law, needs to be dismantled. He also feels that police should no longer walk around and be the judge, jury and executioner while serving and protecting fellow citizens.

All of this sound like a righteous plan. Let’s hope that it will come to fruition in 2017 and we no longer see unarmed men and women being subjected to police violence.

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