October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and its important to remember that EVERYONE (MEN can get breast cancer too) needs to get checked. Early detection can really save your life.

But for those who have Breast Cancer and are continuing the fight, medical procedures like chemotherapy can take a toll on the body. When you're robbed of your self-esteem by cancer, it can be hard to deal with because one of the proven factors that help folks beat cancer is a positive attitude. And if you don't feel confident, that positive thinking can take a major hit.

That's where our friend Mz. Champagne with Mz. Champagne's Beauty Bar comes in. For the last 4 years now, Mz. Champagne has been providing free hair styling services and custom wigs to breast cancer survivors to help them with their self esteem. She's doing it once again this year and she's asking for you to nominate a breast cancer survivor who could use a pick me up.

If you would like to nominate a breast cancer survivor for Mz. Champagne's service, contact her at Mz. Champagne's Beauty Bar located at 911 Trimmier Road, Ste. A1 in  Killeen or contact her at 512-446-9392 to talk to her about what she can do and set up an appointment.

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