After receiving mostly worldwide scorn for calling himself "this generation's King Of R&B", R&B singer Jacquees doubled down on his "promotional"  boastful claims, this time with one of R&B's all time greats standing nearby.

According to TMZ, Sweat (who you can hear Sun-Thur at 7:00 PM on "The Sweat Hotel" on MyKiss1031) was backstage at a concert in Atlanta over the weekend when TMZ cameras approached him and asked him to weigh in on the "King Of R&B" debate, but before he could respond, Jacquees hopped on camera and reaffirmed his position as the "16 to 25 year old's generations King Of R&B".

For what its worth, Sweat (pay attention to his face throughout this video, you can see he's visibly annoyed with all this) didn't care to weigh in on the debate but did say "I'm still getting this bag" which is a FACT. And with a LOOOOOOOONG list of hits already notched under his belt (including a few RECENT hits) Sweat definitely belongs in the discussion of "King Of R&B".

As for Jacquees, pay your respects properly to the legends that paved the way for you to talk your talk or talk to your label about promoting you more because we're still waiting for proof.


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