Ain't gonna lie, Sundays are made for a diner. Love Food picked each states best diner and yes, here in Texas it's a place in Austin.

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It's all about comfort. One of my favorite things about Sundays is slowly waking up, slowly getting out of bed (no need to rush it) throwing on something comfortable and heading to a local greasy spoon for a comfort breakfast.

I'm usually the guy who scours the menu in hopes of trying something a little different but tends to order the same thing I usually get. Chicken Fried Steak with three eggs over easy and hash browns crispy with onion and cheese. I'll also add on a side of extra crispy bacon to go along with my large glass of orange juice, gotta keep it healthy!

Here in Temple, my diner of choice is Bills Grill. It just doesn't get anymore "comfortable" than Bills for me.

Best Diner in Texas

As much as I like to keep it local, I also like to try some new places and I have no problem driving an hour or so to hit up a spot in Austin that was picked by Love Food as the "Best Diner in Texas." Phoebe's Diner.

Phoebe's Diner

According to Love Food's review, the Ultimate Breakfast is a must try, saying,

“Customers rave about the tender brisket, cooked in a smoker and served with eggs for the ultimate breakfast. Everything’s beautifully prepared, from the fried chicken and grits to the tastiest biscuits in sausage gravy.”

You don't have to twist my arm. That sounds delicious and well worth the drive.

Two Locations in Austin

I know you're tempted to join me on Sunday right? There's two locations in Austin to choose from, one at 533 W Oltorf St and a second location at 408 West 11th Street in Downtown.

See you there!

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