The City of Temple, Texas has found a way to help beat the heat - opening up a few area pools free of charge.

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Alex Gibbs with the City of Temple reports that the city is offering free admission to two of their municipal pools.

Free Pool Admission

Yes, sweet relief comes courtesy of the City of Temple.

Both the Clark Swimming Pool and Walker Swimming Pools will be open to the public for free through August 14.. Make sure to check their hours of operation, as both pools operate on a different schedule.

The Clark Swimming Pool

Located at 1808 Curtis B. Elliot Drive. The Clark Swimming Pool is open from 12p till 6p Thursday through Sunday.

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Google Maps

The Walker Swimming Pool

Located at 2603 N. Third St., the Walker Swimming Pool is only open Friday through Wednesday from 12p to 6p.

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Google Maps

Splash Pads

One of the best ways to cool down is at the many splash pads in the city. They open early and stay open late, 8a to 8p. Find the free splash pads at:

- Ferguson Park Splash Pad located at 1203 E. Adams Ave.

- Jaycee Park Splash Pad located at 2302 W. Ave. Z

- Miller Park Splash Pad located at 1919 N. First St.

- West Temple Park Splash Pad located at 121 S. Montpark Road.

Santa Fe Plaza Fountain operates a little differently, opening for only a couple of hours at a time. Located at 301 W. Ave. A and opens early from 7-9a then again from 11-1p. The mid-afternoon cool down is only open for an hour, 3-4p but opens for an extended late afternoon splash from 5-8p.

Cooling Station

The Temple Public Library is also open and available as a cooling station. Located at  100 W. Adams Ave. and open from 10a to 7p Monday through Thursday and 10a to 6p Friday and Saturday. Sunday from 1p to 6p.

Additional Fun

Looking for something fun, educational and dry to do? The Temple Railroad and Heritage Museum will also offer free admission Tuesday through Saturday from 10a to 4p. This would be a great way to spend a couple of hours.


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