We often hear the stories of women in our military in terms of being just spouses or just dealing with other issues, but rarely do we hear the stories of these amazing women overcoming many of those same issues like domestic violence, gender and professional discrimination or the many layers of the stories that they share.

Author Lila Holley set about showcasing those stories with the creation of the Camouflaged Sisters book series. The series has the following titles already available for purchase:

What started out as just a book to share and empower other women serving in the military, has turned into a full blown movement with thousands of women coming together to share their stories, reveal their truth and heal from their military service with the help of sisters just like themselves.

Melz On The MIC talked to Lila and a few of her "Camouflaged Sisters" including veterans Letitcia Wilson, Cathy Grant and Ashley Knight about the book series, how their movement has grown and they share some of their stories about military service.

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