It's been a few years since I've been to 6th Street during Texas Relays weekend, but I do know it's a party every year and things get packed and sometimes crazy. But a recent article by Texas Monthly writer Dan Solomon is drawing a lot of attention over what seems to be either a coincidence or racism on the part of 6th Street bar owners that closed their doors during the very popular weekend, which is predominately attended by African-Americans.

According to the article, there seems to be a history of Austin business owners willingly closing their businesses during these types of weekends in the city.

The Relays bring nearly 45,000 people to Austin, many of them African American, and whether by coincidence (as the bars seem to imply) or design (as history suggests), ​Sixth Street establishments are more willing to shut off the profit spigot during this particularly busy weekend than any other comparably crowded event. - See more at:

Add on the fact that The Urban Music Festival was the same weekend, which may have added more people to that estimate, it does seem strange. If you attended Texas Relays or The Austin Urban Music Fest, did you notice any of this? Do you believe it's a coincidence as some owners suggest or a case of racism given the past actions? Feel free to comment below and vote in our poll.

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