If you missed The Steve Harvey Morning Show Friday Morning here it is without music or commercials:

Was Shirley really moonwalking?

In Ask Bitterman, there is no helping a man that is being dominated by his girl in the bedroom unless he turns up the aggression.

We have the honor and pleasure of interviewing the fly that was stuck in VP Pence's hair.

There are quotes that Fool #2 put together that great black women in history have said. 45 went on Fox Business and called Kamala Harris a monster.

Congrats to Lebron James for his appearance on The Wheaties box.

The ladies talk about important matters in regard to pink and purple for the month of October.

Celebrities are stripping down naked to get your attention about mail-in voting.

We close by reminding The Steve Harvey Nation that we are 25 days away from Election Day and the crew leave us with House Fly.



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