Remember that time self-proclaimed "publicist" Jonathan Jaxson claimed that Amanda Bynes was suicidal, so he helped orchestrate an intervention?

Now he's claiming she's admitted her whole nutso schtick is just a ploy for attention -- and he's posted the supposed "proof" on his Twitter account.

On Thursday, June 13, Jaxson Tweeted


He followed it up with two screenshots - ostensibly taken off his iPhone.


Then, in closing, he valiantly vowed to tell the world about her schemes.


And even though we want to believe, we'll now remove our Fox Mulder caps and play Scully for a moment, because something about this smells all wrong.

First of all, it's never been established to our satisfaction that Jaxson has ever had any contact with Amanda. (Police did show up to her apartment a while after he claimed to have called them on her, but since he seemed more interested in talking to TMZ than the cops, that could be a chicken-egg scenario.)

Next, no human being talks the way Jonathan and Amanda do in these texts. George Lucas couldn't write worse dialogue -- we half-expected Amanda to casually reply, "Oh, Joanathan. Hold me like you did on Naboo."

Third, if this is a hoax, Amanda has taken it much farther than a normal person would have. She's been evicted and arrested -- multiple times.

And fourth, at no point in this whole exchange did Amanda call Jaxson ugly. So it's almost guaranteed to be bunk -- not to mention Jonathan is pimping a new book (which we won't link to -- go find it yourself if you care to read about whatever it is he does).

In short, we're not sold. In fact, we think Jaxson's story is less authentic than an eBay auction for a "100% GENUINE AMANDA BYNES WIG."

More as the situation unfolds. Or when Amanda sics her fake Twitter account on him. Whichever comes first.