I had to spend a day away from the station to work from home like a lot of you are doing right now, and while I had a free moment I went to the kitchen to make myself some lunch.

I enjoyed some air fried spicy lemon pepper wings. I casually went into our pantry and found what I needed, then continued on with my day. My wife came into the kitchen later on in the day, and when she went into the pantry the following conversation happened:

Wife: "What is this 'Tajin'? (in the photo above) Did you buy this?"

Me: No, I didn't. But our son's girlfriend must have brought it. We might need it though.

Wife: "But it's unopened. Why buy it if you won't use it?"

Me: "Don't matter, might come in handy at some point."

Let me explain. My son and his girlfriend had to leave from their college campus at the start of the pandemic and were "in quarantine" with us throughout the summer.

So they would buy their own snacks and foods and cook their own dinners, and after they left we began finding all sorts of spices and seasonings that went unused and forgotten about.

Now, we don't know what the hell to use "Tajin" on, but luckily lots of friends have told us it's great for margaritas and fruit so we'll keep it for future use.

But it got me thinking: what else do we have don't we don't use?

The more I dug into my own spices, I found a bunch of stuff I forgot about too. All kinds of crap from "pork rubs" to "thyme" (WHAT THE HELL IS THYME?).

So in an effort to break the monotony of what we DISAGREE on, let's look at what unites us.

What spices and seasonings do YOU have in your kitchen right now that you are NOT USING, but NOT THROWING AWAY? Feel free to share your answers in the comments or post photos of what you got in the comments on Facebook.


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