The start of this past week has been crazy weather wise in Central Texas as the annual cold snap hit our area full force this week beginning on Monday. This "winter weather event" as many have called it captivated our area and provided some crazy moments before and after its passing. I've kept track of these occurrences and for the sake of history, here's a timeline of what happened this week:

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    Monday's Temp: HIGH 63

    We began receiving word about the possible cold snap on Monday which was also the day we commemorate Dr. Martin Luther King. Luckily, just about everyone in the city had the day off to attend the MLK March but soon after, things would begin to take a turn for the worse.

  • NOAA.Gov Winter Storm Coverage Map 01-14-18
    NOAA.Gov Winter Storm Coverage Map 01-14-18

    Monday Evening

    Monday Night Temp: 31.

    As the sun began to set on Monday, media outlets began to report on the oncoming winter storm which some reports stated would bring us rain that will turn into sleet that would then turn into snow. While driving around that evening, we watched our car's thermometer drop from 58 degrees to 28 degrees in less than 20 minutes. Panic descends upon the populace as grocery stores are raided of all things "break and milk" and gas stations are packed as folks fill up their tanks for the possible 12 hours of drama we were about to witness. It's at this point that Belton ISD announces that school would be closing the next day.

  • Pixabay, CCO Public Domain
    Pixabay, CCO Public Domain

    Monday Night

    Monday Night Temp: 19

    After Belton ISD announced its closings, everyone else followed suit, KISD, Copperas Cove ISD and college campuses decided they too would shut down for the day. Other districts like Temple and Salado stood tall and only delayed their openings. At this point everyone prepares to sleep in on Tuesday and lock themselves in for what was beginning to look like a very scary winter weather day ahead.

  • Melz On The MIC
    Melz On The MIC

    Tuesday Morning

    Tuesday Morning Temp: 15

    Everyone woke up on Tuesday morning expecting Texas to look like Alaska or the North Pole (for the record, its been colder in Texas for the last 2 days than it is in Anchorage Alaska, go look it up!) but instead we were met with a dark, cloudy overcast and COLD day, but no snow, not a flurry, not a drop. It didn't even look like the photo below which was taken a few weeks back. A few bridges and overpasses were shut down, but everyone quickly realized that Mother Nature had indeed scammed us.

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    Tuesday Evening

    Tuesday Evening Temp: 31

    While a great many in Central Texas rejoiced over receiving an extended weekend, many who were forced to still go into work or go in after a delay began to vent frustration with the weather as many took to social media to complain. Even our news partner KWTX had to post the following to calm down the angry masses who felt scammed by the weather reports:

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    Tuesday Night

    Tuesday Night: 12

    So we dodged a huge bullet in terms of precipitation, but the cold is still holding the area captive. But after feeling like they been scammed, Central Texas went back about their normal days as we slowly get back to normal and learn how to deal with this winter weather. But to those who are upset, its better to be safe and OVER PREPARED than it is to just proceed as normal and STILL get complaints for not preparing everyone. Now you have to worry about not catching the flu....oh boy.

    Fun Fact: At the time of this article, temps are said to jump back into the SEVENTIES this weekend, so don't pack those "booty shorts" into the attic yet.

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