The coronavirus outbreak has been affecting citizens across the globe, including members of the hip-hop community, who are currently unable to tour because of restrictions that have been put in place to stop the disease from spreading. Rappers' pockets could be severely impacted by the pandemic and 50 Cent thinks that their record labels should bail them out, if necessary.

During an Instagram Live conversation with Van Lathan on Tuesday night (May 5), hosted by XXL, Fif shared his thoughts on if artists will be able to survive after the quarantine, which doesn't have a specified end date. "They're gonna need the money and the ones that the momentum that you see, their record companies are going to have to deliver that," 50 explained in the video below, which starts at the 32:10 mark. "If they don't, then they'll be signed to me by the time we done with this. They better give them the money."

The Queens rapper expounded on the importance of labels assisting their artists' financially once the coronavirus pandemic is over. "Let me tell you why?," he continued. "If it takes another year or so, the momentum that they've built now is gonna carry over to next year. As soon as it stops, it's not gonna be the guy who has a record then that's gonna be on fire. But, whoever they was listening to over this time period that already established themselves, they gon’ go right back in the business."

Rappers such as Young Thug and DaBaby have recently revealed how much money they could lose as a result of the quarantine. During separate interviews with Big Boy of L.A.'s Real 92.3 last month, both rappers said they could lose millions of dollars due to the coronavirus.

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