Let me begin this article by saying, sincerely, to all the children who went trick or treating in Central Texas, THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR HARD WORK!

It's November First, the day after Halloween, and that means children will be littering the hallways of schools all over the area with candy wrappers as they smuggle their loot into classes today. But what are we adults doing on this day you ask young person? I'll tell you the ugly honest truth, because you deserve to know the real.

Here are 3 things adults in Central Texas are doing today and STOP EATING YOUR KIDS CANDY YOU HEATHENS!

  • 1

    Swiping Your Candy

    I don't care, I'm telling the truth. Kids, while you're away, your parents are currently going through your stash of goodies to attain the candy that THEY want. You probably caught them already going through your stuff, but the SECOND you board that bus or get dropped off, your stash will get raided.

  • 2

    Buying Clearance Candy

    Yes, even though you worked HARD going door to door obtaining your goodies, adults don't care. All those Halloween displays you saw in stores are disappearing and all the leftover candy will be on clearance. So expect to see several bags of candy in your parents bedroom as if they are going to be giving out candy to you but really its all theirs.

  • 3

    Buying Costumes On Clearance

    So, you wanted to dress up like your favorite cartoon character this year, well wait till next year! Costumes are going on clearance along with the candy, so here's a pro tip kids, TELL THEM WHAT YOU WANT TO BE NEXT YEAR.... THIS YEAR!


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