I'll be the first to admit that I was mad late to the hit Starz show "Power". I assumed that it was just another story of "drug dealer fighting to get out of the life but can't due to any crazy amount of reasons" type of drama so I dismissed it quickly. But after much talking to with friends who assured me that it was different, I took the bait and started to tune in.

Went back to Season 1 and binged it up until Season 3 then caught up from there to the point we are now with main character Ghost having lost his daughter and now is on the quest for revenge. And this is where I want to get off the band wagon.

Its getting to the point where the show is "unbelievable" and you have to suspend belief to make it work for you, not to mention some of the most ANNOYING characters on television. Here's 3 reasons why I can't do another season of Power:

  • 1

    Angela Valdez

    The sidechick you love to hate but need her to play her role better is back. Angela Valdez (Lela Loren) returns and now she's in hot water with Ghost and the gang. Chances are high she will do something stupid and put everyone at risk. She seems to do this EVERY season.

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  • 2

    Kanan & The Get Along Gang

    Nah. Nope. After all the hell Kanan (50 Cent) put you through, yall gonna TEAM UP and trust each other? This is what I mean when I say "you have to suspend belief" to enjoy this show.

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  • 3

    This DUDE HERE!

    THIS DUDE. I have to give Michael Rainey Jr. supreme credit for acting as a character that the entire audience LOATHES. Tariq is spoiled and untrustworthy and seems to be willing to throw his whole family under the bus just because he's in his feelings. Mama's don't let babies grow up to be f-boys.

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