Once again, here in Killeen, Texas, the Badge Blood Drive was a complete success. The  Killeen Police Department and the Fire Department should be very proud to know that they brought in a new record of donors for the fifth annual Battle of the Badges blood drive on August 24.

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City of Killeen

Each year, both Killeen's police department and the fire department, go head to heading, making sure that both departments are doing their part to help save a life by giving blood to the city of Killeen and partnering with the Carter Blood Care for the 3rd  year in a row bringing in 113 units of blood from 131 which means, this can potentially save the lives of at least 339 people which happens to be the highest number of donations that Killeen has received in the last four years of hosting the event and it’s also 33 more than the 2022 blood drive event.


City of Killeen
City of Killeen

Vicki Carpenter, who is the blood care manager of mobile donor recruitment said "This year‘s expectations were exceeded. It was a fun competition, bringing the Killeen community together!" When it’s all said and done, the real winners are the patient who is a part of the drive. This year when it came to the votes, the police department received 83.5 votes be one person just couldn’t decide which meant there was a split vote and the fire department received 47.5 hours. which means that the KFD  will have to wash company vehicles of the police department. The date has not been announced yet, but again, we say congratulations not only to KPD but to all of Killeen who came together and helped one another.

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