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Sometimes it's the good news that goes unnoticed.

Often, the most read articles and news stories highlight the worst in humanity. But there are so many good people in the world with great stories that often go unnoticed. So, when we hear good news and happy endings we are especially pleased to share them with you.

Here is one of the best feel-good stories out of Texas this week.

One of the best stories of the week in Texas is that of 10-year-old Ricki August Jr. who helped save a little girl's life by rescuing her from the bottom of the pool. Ricki is humbled by the attention saying, " “I just acted, I didn't think about it."

What happened next?

As soon as he saw the little girl on the bottom of their apartment complex pool, Ricki jumped in, brought her to the surface, put her over his shoulder, and started to cry for help while he got her to the side of the pool where adults and later paramedics could attend to her. Thanks to his quick response, 5-year-old Eqypt Brady is alive today.

A very sweet and very happy ending.

Hailed a hero, Ricki August Jr. was treated to a celebration in his honor thrown by his family, but not only was his heroic deed recognized, but he and Eqypt were also able to reunite with the Brady family in attendance to meet and thank him as well.

A heartwarming thank you.

The video below on Youtube from KPRC 2 Click2Houston shows the moment when she is asked what she wants to say to Ricki. Her response, " Thank you," might very well bring tears to your eyes.

With Texans in the heart of summertime and water activities abounding our calendars, it's a smart idea to look at classes and opportunities to learn more about water safety and water rescue.

One place to look locally is at our community YMCAs. You can call the YMCA of the Golden Crescent for more information on classes by dailing 575-0511.

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