There's a lot of meaning in a name. Some of the world's most prominent figures have the most unique monikers, which can make them either unforgettable or just plain old hard to remember.

Think about it. How many Beyonces, Barack Obamas, Madonnas or Pharrells do you know? For hip-hop and R&B artists, individuality is as important as their next chart-topping song, fashion statement or endorsement deal. And it's no surprise that when they have children, they want to pass on the cool factor, starting with their name.

Take Chief Keef for example. In the midst of preparing to release his new album, Bang 3, the rapper found out he was the father of his fifth child. Inspired by billionaire Alki David's digital brand FilmOn (Keef is signed to the company), he decided to name the newest baby Sosa in honor of the label. Sno FilmOn Dot Com Cozart -- yes, you read it correctly -- is one of the most unique baby names to date.

Keef isn't the first artist to give his offspring an eyebrow-raising name. Fifteen years ago, T.I. (like many of his hip-hop homies) was inspired by royalty when he named his eldest son, Messiah Ya' Majesty. If you thought Sno and Ya' Majesty were different, check out the gallery above featuring 10 Most Surprising Hip-Hop and R&B Baby Names.

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