What's going on?

Belton Boil Notice
Earlier today, crews shut down Neil Street to repair a burst water main. Now, officials are asking people in nearby neighborhoods to boil their tap water.
Banquet Salisbury Steak Recalled
Conagra has issued a recall of its 6-packs of Salisbury steak in gravy due to concerns they may be contaminated with "extraneous materials". Yikes.
Did Cambridge Analytica Use Your Data?
Are you wondering if your private information was used by the data mining company Cambridge Analytica? Facebook has rolled out a tool they claim will tell you.
Northbound I-35 traffic in Temple was moving at a crawl Tuesday afternoon after two trucks crashed near Spur 290 shortly before 3PM.
Oldest Texan Honored Sunday
Richard Overton, believed to be the oldest living American, was flown to Washington DC on a private jet Sunday to tour the new African American History Museum.
Killeen Hit-And-Run
Killeen Police are searching for a driver suspected of hitting another car, causing it to spin out and hit a pole, then driving away.
Woman to Ted Cruz: Prove You're Human
A woman attending a Ted Cruz campaign event in Austin last week questioned Cruz's stance on healthcare reform and took the conversation down a strange path.
IRS Scam Voicemail Recording
One of our employees was harassed all day Friday by scammers claiming to be with the IRS. We recorded a voicemail they left and wanted to share it with you.
Local Teacher Reprimanded
A sub at Cedar Valley Elementary is barred from a particular classroom after officials say a student was denied a bathroom break and soiled herself.
YouTube Shooter's Motive
Nasim Aghdam's father says she hated the company, which she claimed suppressed her content, and he feared she might go to YouTube HQ to cause problems.