They make us laugh just as much as they make us cringe, and we love them dearly. Yes, I’m talking about dads.

Just kidding! I’m talking about dad jokes, and we want to hear the best one you’ve got. In fact, if your dad joke makes us laugh (or cringe) the hardest, you could win a Father’s Day prize pack.

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Just use the form below to tell us your favorite dad joke.

You know, something like this:

“How do you follow Will Smith in the snow? You just follow the fresh prints.”


“I thought the dryer was shrinking my clothes, but it was the refrigerator all along.”

You have until June 14 to hit us with your best/worst dad joke and take home a prize pack just in time for Father’s Day, which is Sunday, June 18. (Add it to your reminders so you don’t forget to buy dad a new golf club.)

Make us L-O-L for D-A-D and you could win a P-R-I-Z-E!

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