Disgraced R&B singer R. Kelly, who continues to fight charges of sexual abuse in several states and on the federal level, has at least one friend in his corner doing what they can to show their support for the singer.

Earlier this year in February, Valencia Love, a Chicago area business owner, paid $100,000 to bond Kelly out of jail when he was arrested on 10 counts of of aggravated criminal sexual abuse in Cook County Illinois according to The Chicago Sun Times. Kelly was free for 4 months before he was arrested again on federal charges and now Love has asked for her bond money back from the court because she was unaware of the federal investigations against Kelly.

Love's attorneys filed a motion to have her money returned because Kelly was being held without bond in those federal cases negating the use of her money. But a Cook County judge on Tuesday denied her request citing no "legal basis" for it but said that she could get her money back eventually, after his cases in Cook County are resolved, but that could take years.

But Love claims that Kelly already reimbursed her $100,000 three days after he posted bond and that she wants the bond money that Cook County has to be returned so that it can used towards Kelly's legal fees and other expenses. Love says that she believes in  Kelly's innocence and has insisted that she only helping out a close friend.

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