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What Started the Houston Methodist Hospital Protest?

Jennifer Bridges, a nurse at Houston Methodist Hospital in Baytown Houston, stood her ground when she learned of a policy sent to employees on April 1st  stating that all employees of Houston Methodist Hospital would need to be vaccinated by June 7th.

Jennifer, along with at least two dozen other nurses at Houston Methodist Hospital argued that it was unconstitutional for an employer to demand their employees are vaccinated for COVID, Jennifer sighting that " The COVID Vaccine is still an experimental vaccine." Offering that no one should threaten your livelihood by demanding you inject yourself with anything.

The Protest Outside Houston Methodist Hospital Drew A Crowd.

A protest was hosted on the evening of June 7th at the Baytown Campus parking lot. News agencies in Texas and throughout the nation arrived to film and speak to the protesters who turned out, which included an interview with Jennifer Bridge. Thank you to KPRC2 Click 2Houston for their video on Youtube.

" They are not doing the right thing, they need to give nurses choices." Jennifer offered

She was not alone.116 other employees which included nurses, physicians, and staff spent the evening protesting the hospital's policy. The protest was also in conjunction with a lawsuit filed by Jennifer Bridges and the 116 other hospital employees.

We covered the story on our web pages, which you can read below.

Federal Judge offers why the case was dismissed.

Federal Judge, Judge Lynn N. Hughes, dismissed the case entirely citing that Bridges and other employees simply did not " have a case". NBC News offered that Judge Hughes said, "Jennifer Bridges and the 116 other Houston Methodist Hospital employees which included nurses, physicians, and employees, who challenged the requirement, had no case.

"Texas law only protects employees from being terminated for refusing to commit an act carrying criminal penalties to the worker." Judge Hugh offered.

Federal Judge Takes Issue With Comparison to Nazi Germany Medical Experimentation.

When the plaintiff compared the COVID vaccine requirement with forced medical experiments in Nazi Germany, Judge Hughes offered, "Equating the injection requirement to medical experimentation in concentration camps is reprehensible."

You can read the dismissal in its entirety by clicking here.

What happens from here?

In an interview with the Washington Post which you can read here, Jennifer who has raised over $100,00 for the case in a Go-Fund-Me account offered, "We knew this was going to be a huge fight,” she said, “and we are prepared to fight it.”

We can expect to hear more as this case is appealed and develops. 

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