Is there a tug of war going on between Lil Uzi Vert and Playboi Carti?

After fans showed they were on both sides of the fence following the release of Carti's latest track, "@ Meh," on Thursday (April 16), Uzi chimed in to share his thoughts as well. "Just Meh .," the Philadelphia rapper wrote in an Instagram post, alongside an image of the artwork for the record.

Shortly after, Carti tweeted, ". MoNDaY," possibly hinting that he'll be dropping something next week. However, minutes later, Uzi tweeted to Carti, "so u dropping Monday Bet it," which could imply that he'll be releasing music as well. Uzi followed up by saying, ". MoNDaY," the same exact tweet Carti wrote moments prior.

Perhaps, Lil Uzi Vert has been posting subliminal hints all along. On Wednesday (April 15), the rapper said on Twitter that he "ain’t done turning up BITCH." Uzi later wrote, "Woke up the demon ." Three days before, on April 12, Uzi posted, then deleted, a cryptic tweet naming Carti. "Playboi carti 🙃," he wrote.

For reference, last month, Uzi tweeted, "Soon as HE drop imma drop again." However, the rapper also retweeted an unreleased record, "Big Bank," which features both him and Carti. Uzi also replied to a fan on March 6, saying that he and Carti aren't beefing.

Lil Uzi Vert and Playboi Carti were apparently supposed to release a joint project, 16*29, shortly after it was announced in 2017. Two years later, Uzi seemingly scrapped the idea of the collab, saying that they are following two different paths. Now, we are still without the project.

While it was never confirmed who Uzi was referring to when said he plans to release something whenever "he" drops, maybe these tweets are the missing pieces to the puzzle.

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